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  1. I agree with Jacques, for things like redeclaring a function you should be either using a custom page (or catching them in testing). I'm wondering if you could set display_errors(0) in your page or php.ini file, and catch things in your code with something like this (obviously this will vary depending on what the error you want to catch is and what your expected behaviour is). if(function()) { //your usual code } else { some error } This is risky though, because as well as hiding the error you want, you're hiding other errors in the page (or the whole site if you use the ini file)
  2. The if (isset($_POST['submit'])) would go right above your form processing (which should be at the top of the page code). This is the best solution as iarp mentioned. You would also need { } around your form processing if (isset($_POST['submit'])) { //all your form processing goes here }
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