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  1. so, 'um... echo "Count#" $sent ";
  2. php didn't exist when i was 12. (actually, no one knew what the Internet was when i was twelve either) but I did teach myself qbasic around that time. That was my first programing "language."
  3. one example of something you could do is: [code]<?php //in these lines: $message = stripslashes($message); mail("EDITMYEMAIL@MYSITE.COM","Support Form",$message,"Support Page"); //add: $message = stripslashes($message); if($message == ""){ exit("ERROR, form not sent because there was no message"); }else{ mail("EDITMYEMAIL@MYSITE.COM","Support Form",$message,"Support Page"); } // this way, if they leave the message field blank, the form wont be sent. its a start, but there's a lot more that you could (should) do. ?>[/code]
  4. I was just asking for some quick help, not asking to have my site hacked. screw you!
  5. had some serious issues again to day with PHP tags. first, i re-encountered the problem where editing a post with 2 PHP boxes changes the second box to the same value as the first box. then, it kept f*ing with my code. changing font elements to style tags. since when does the forum correct bad coding practices? I was trying to make a point with a bgcolor element and it kept changing it to bgstyle="color:..." what is up w/ that?
  6. oh its on. even if I wanted it off, there are to many poorly designed sites that just don't fuction without it. preaching to the choir - reminder that search engine bots generally don't (read "never") read javascript, so if you have site content that is javaScript dependent make sure you use <noscript> tags. They are as important as "alt" and "title" properties on your images.
  7. yes and no. you still run all your server side scripts on the server side - but AJAX lets your client side javascript talk to your server side PHP without the user being aware of it. so for instance, on your calendar, when the user clicks on a date - instead of reloading the page and having an inline php script show the events for that date, you could have have the users onClick trigger your ajax function to call the server side script to get all the information for that date, then your server side sends it back to the javascript function that populates the field with the correct information. All seemlessly and nearly instantaneously. (should keep it to less then 1/10 of a second)
  8. I agree that AJAX is the bomb and that is probably the best way to do it. (if not, you could just use an iframe to keep the whole page from reloading when you switch from month to month. I'm by no means a fan of frames but this would be a good use for one)
  9. just adding my 2cents that this is a good idea. I have used AJAX a few times and it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. one quick example of how I've used it is on a registration form: in one instance I have the user enter their first and last names and this "instantly" creates a username for them based on what they've entered. The key being that if there are two people named joe smith, the application wont create the same username twice. another instance I have used it is in a chat room application. Instead of constantly refreshing the page every few seconds, an AJAX script checks the database for any new messages and if there are any, the <div> containing all the messages is updated to show the new message. no iframes, no refreshing. its a beautiful thing.
  10. didn't mean to bump a 3 week old thread but I just wanted to quote a 12th century figure who said, I think that some of you script kiddies should have a little more respect for those who've built what we have today.
  11. mssql_bind -- Adds a parameter to a stored procedure or a remote stored procedure mssql_close -- Close MS SQL Server connection mssql_connect -- Open MS SQL server connection mssql_data_seek -- Moves internal row pointer mssql_execute -- Executes a stored procedure on a MS SQL server database mssql_fetch_array -- Fetch a result row as an associative array, a numeric array, or both mssql_fetch_assoc -- Returns an associative array of the current row in the result set specified by result_id mssql_fetch_batch -- Returns the next batch of records mssql_fetch_field -- Get field information mssql_fetch_object -- Fetch row as object mssql_fetch_row -- Get row as enumerated array mssql_field_length -- Get the length of a field mssql_field_name -- Get the name of a field mssql_field_seek -- Seeks to the specified field offset mssql_field_type -- Gets the type of a field mssql_free_result -- Free result memory mssql_free_statement -- Free statement memory mssql_get_last_message -- Returns the last message from the server mssql_guid_string -- Converts a 16 byte binary GUID to a string mssql_init -- Initializes a stored procedure or a remote stored procedure mssql_min_error_severity -- Sets the lower error severity mssql_min_message_severity -- Sets the lower message severity mssql_next_result -- Move the internal result pointer to the next result mssql_num_fields -- Gets the number of fields in result mssql_num_rows -- Gets the number of rows in result mssql_pconnect -- Open persistent MS SQL connection mssql_query -- Send MS SQL query mssql_result -- Get result data mssql_rows_affected -- Returns the number of records affected by the query mssql_select_db -- Select MS SQL database I don't see it. Sorry. But what's wrong with doing a "SELECT MAX(id) FROM table" Query?
  12. don't feel dumb. I don't subscribe (and don't plan to). Your post was very helpful at the time...
  13. I'm not a pro with ms sql, but I have used it with PHP in the past. what specific problems are you having trying to use PHP and MSSQL? have you read through the Microsoft SQL Server Functions @ php.net ?
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