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  1. Hi Barand Thanks for helping with this issue. I used the mysql code you suggested and got the same duplication as before so changed only the word ORDER to GROUP and got the same items displaying as before. Would it help if I submitted the full script for the page including the PHP?
  2. Hi Barand If I remove GROUP BY or change it to ORDER BY I see two instances of what was shown previously. With GROUP BY I see the proper data only not all of it.
  3. I have a table with offers and a table with addons to the offers This is a many-to-many relationship Each offer can have multiple addons Each addon can belong to multiple offers I would like to display a list of of offers along with the addons belonging to each offer , which I have tried to do using a junction table - offers_addons say - offer 1 has addon 2 addon 5 offer 2 has addon 3 However when I display the offers I only see one addon below each offer offer 1 displays addon 2 only This is my mysql and tables SELECT offers.heading, offers.description, offers.image, offers.status, offers.extent, addons.addon_title, addons.addon_desc, addons.thumb, addon_available FROM offers, offers_addons JOIN addons ON offers_addons.idde = addons.idde WHERE offers_addons.id = offers.id GROUP BY offers.id id, heading, description, image, status, extent '1', 'addon here', addon description', 'texecoz.png', 'OFF', '2021-09-13' '2', 'this is addon', 'addon another description', 'texecoz.png', 'OFF', '2021-09-13' '3', 'addon title', 'new addon description', 'images.jpg', 'OFF', NULL '4', 'another title', 'latest addon description', 'santa.png', 'ON', '2021-09-13' '5', 'this is a heading', 'the addon description', 'paxton.png', 'ON', '2021-09-13' addons idde, addon_title, addon_desc, thumb, addon_available '1', 'testing', 'product description','0410.jpg' '2021-05-25', '2', 'some text', 'another description', 'default.png' ', NULL, '3', 'new text', 'new description', ', 'default.png' '2021-05-30', '4', 'here is more text', 'latest description', '44445.jpg' ', NULL, '5', 'helllo there', 'the description','alhua.png' ', NULL, offers_addons id, idde '2', '1' '3', '1' '4', '1' '2', '2' '1', '3' '4', '5' '3', '5' '5', '1' '5', '4'
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