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  1. How to deal with the collapse of the badge when there is long text <div class="collection"> <a href="#" class="collection-item"> lorem ipsum <span class="new badge" data-badge-caption="">PHP</span> </a> </div> I use materializecsshttps://materializecss.com/badges.html
  2. Currently I only work with MYSQLI I'm looking for more effective methods
  3. How can I improve my database class? https://pastebin.com/fz7NpZj7
  4. How can I remove project name and ?_ijt from url in phpstorm ? http://localhost:63342/untitled/?_ijt=ni5f9iovr23chrlq4ub2a2ob7k
  5. What is the reason? Why not with PHP? time()
  6. How to store time in mysql? PHP time() mysql now()
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