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  1. I have heard of youtube and reddit where you can advertise videos, are those the only good places to advertise ?
  2. Thanks and if I want to check for null.. would i do.. if (null ($subscriptionplan)) {};
  3. . What is the best way to display a count down timer for tests? Should i do this in php or Javascript and how would i do this? I also found this whiteboard picture
  4. I am residing in Australia and i am not sure of the laws here but do we have to pay tax if we have a website business teaching piano?
  5. Thanks and with that white board, is it just as simple as finding an image and putting it in the background? I also have tried searching for piano hand position but can't find a blank one, without the finger numbers
  6. I have tried to find some images on google but not sure if there are better ones.
  7. Beautiful... appreciate it a lot!! I have been learning some chinese from this site and they have a nice whiteboard background... is that possible to do?
  8. Excellent! Where did you get it from? How would i use it to echo stuff into it? What about a plain board.. do you have that as well?
  9. I also would need a picture of a music whiteboard, does anyone know how to do this? I need it to be an average size with staff lines...
  10. Now that you mentioned it, I think I might have a a style def for <p>.... I should try span and see what it does.. is this similar to relative position? I am just playing around with relative position and absolute at the moment to see what I can come up with... Just experimenting.. Actually, that is weird, now it is working and looks alright... Maybe i just have to wait and give it some time for the browser to respond
  11. I am trying to add one of the above pictures to my website and have done the following: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title></title> </head> <body> <div class="treble_clef"> <p>&#x1D13D</p>; </div> </body> </html> This is my CSS code: div.treble_clef { font-size: 100px; position: relative; } However, compared with my other pictures with the same elements in my CSS, it looks very small:
  12. I forgot to mention though, wouldn't I need to use while ($row=mysqli_fetch_assoc($result); if I were to display things like $row['user'] etc? because for one of my other codes that I have, I need to display some information like here and I am not sure how to make the title bigger with CSS because it is not an image class, so would I need to do a div class? include_once 'includes/dbh.php'; $sql = "SELECT * FROM users WHERE user_uid = ?;"; $stmt = mysqli_stmt_init($conn); if (!mysqli_stmt_prepare($stmt, $sql)) { header("Location: header.php?index=notexists"); exit(); } else { mysqli_stmt_bind_param($stmt, "s", $_SESSION['u_uid']); mysqli_stmt_execute($stmt); $result = mysqli_stmt_get_result($stmt); while ($row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result)) { echo '<div class="heading">'; echo '<h1>Welcome to PianoCourse101 '.$row['user_first'].' '.$row['user_last'].'</h1>'; echo '</div>'; echo '<br></br>'; echo '<h1>Below are your general information. Please feel free to update them in the update section</h1>'; echo '<br></br>'; echo '<h1>Email Address: '.$row['user_email'].'</h1>'; echo '<br></br>'; echo '<h1>User Permission: '.$row['user_permission'].'</h1>'; echo '<br></br>'; echo '<h1>Lesson Subscriptionplan: '.$row['freelesson'].'</h1>'; echo '<br></br>'; echo '<h1>Date of Subscription: '.$row['datejoined'].'</h1>'; echo '<br></br>'; echo '<h1>Last Login: '.$row['user_session'].'</h1>'; echo '<br></br>'; echo '<h1><a href="practice_diary.php">Click here to access your practice diary!: </a></h1>'; echo '<br></br>'; echo '<h1><a href="refer.php">Click here to access your referral page!: </a></h1>'; echo '<br></br>'; echo '<h1><a href="redeem.php">Click here to redeem your points!!: </a></h1>'; echo '<br></br>'; echo '<h1><a href="uploadform.php">Click here to upload your picture profile!: </a></h1>'; echo '<br></br>'; echo '<h1><a href="deleteprofile.php">Click here to delete your picture profile!: </a></h1>'; } } This is my css code for a div class: div.heading { text-align: center !important; font-size: 20px; } Currently, it looks like this on my screen: it is too far to the right...
  13. My other main problem is not understanding fully how the && and || condition works. I guess I have to pay careful attention when using && as it checks for all conditions whether it is true or not...
  14. That is a good idea... I should set my error reporting on but I remember that it did work before and I do understand what you mean by table normalisation and perhaps i should include a separate table called payment. I have payment and subscriptions together but got a total of 15 variables in one table...
  15. If there are variables that i don't need to use now but later, should i use null or undefined? If i have a loginsystem and some of my variables like activate should be defined as 0, can i not use this in the query until needed?
  16. So what is the best way to output this because i read somewhere that i should do. <p>code </p>
  17. I thought it was working before but now when i set the expiry date to less than today's date, it doesn't update.. the subscriptionplan should be set to null. In my database, most of the variables are set to null and 0. The header is correct and it does say cancel but the database is not updating
  18. nice! I will give that a try later..
  19. I am trying to update the following to null whenever the lessonplan has expired and I have part of the code here. Once it has expired, it should reset back to null or 0 for most of the variables and I have defined the variables here: Do I need to declare the variables if setting to null? $paidbydate = date('Y-m-d H:i:s', strtotime("+2 day")); $emailreminder = 1; $emailreminderreset = null; $subscriptionplandelete = null; $paidbydatedelete = null; $subscriptionplandatedelete = null; $expirydatedelete = null; $feesdelete = null; $totalfees = null; $overdue = 1; $overduedelete = 0; $activatedelete = 0; $level1promo_activate = 0; //Created a template $sql = "SELECT * FROM memberships WHERE user_uid = ?;"; //Create a prepared statement $stmt = mysqli_stmt_init($conn); //Prepare the prepared statement if (!mysqli_stmt_prepare($stmt, $sql)) { echo 'SQL statement failed'; } else { //Bind parameters to the placeholder mysqli_stmt_bind_param($stmt, "s", $_SESSION['u_uid']); //Run parameters inside database mysqli_stmt_execute($stmt); $result = mysqli_stmt_get_result($stmt); while ($row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result)) { if ($row['subscriptionplan'] === 'Level 1' && $row['activate'] ==0 && $row['level1promo_activate'] == 0) { header("Location: index.php?level1=notactivated"); exit(); } else { if ($row['subscriptionplan'] === 'Level 1' && $row['activate'] == 1 && $row['emailreminder'] == 0 && date("Y-m-d H:i:s") > $row['paidbydate'] && $row['paid'] == 0 && $row['overdue'] == 0) { $sql = "UPDATE memberships SET paidbydate = ?, emailreminder = ?, overdue = ? WHERE user_uid = ?; "; $stmt = mysqli_stmt_init($conn); if (!mysqli_stmt_prepare($stmt, $sql)) { echo "SQL error"; } else { mysqli_stmt_bind_param($stmt, "siis", $paidbydate, $emailreminder, $overdue, $_SESSION['u_uid']); mysqli_stmt_execute($stmt); } header("Location: index.php?level1=overdue"); exit(); } else { if ($row['subscriptionplan'] === 'Level 1' && $row['activate'] == 1 && $row['emailreminder'] == 1 && date("Y-m-d H:i:s") > $row['paidbydate'] && $row['paid'] == 0 && $row['overdue'] == 1) { $sql = "UPDATE memberships SET subscriptionplan = ?, subscriptionplandate = ?, fees = ?, expirydate = ?, paidbydate = ?, emailreminder = ?, overdue = ?, activate = ? WHERE user_uid = ?; "; $stmt = mysqli_stmt_init($conn); if(!mysqli_stmt_prepare($stmt, $sql)) { echo "SQL error"; } else { mysqli_stmt_bind_param($stmt, "ssissiiis", $subscriptionplandelete, $subscriptionplandatedelete, $feesdelete, $expirydatedelete, $paidbydatedelete, $emailreminderreset, $overduedelete, $activatedelete, $_SESSION['u_uid']); mysqli_stmt_execute($stmt); } header("Location: index.php?level1=cancelled"); exit(); } else { if ($row['subscriptionplan'] === 'Level 1' && $row['activate'] == 1 && date("Y-m-d H:i:s") > $row['expirydate'] && $row['paid'] == 1) { $sql = "UPDATE memberships SET subscriptionplan = ?, subscriptionplandate = ?, fees = ?, expirydate = ?, paidbydate = ?, emailreminder = ?, overdue = ?, activate = ? WHERE user_uid = ?; "; $stmt = mysqli_stmt_init($conn); if (!mysqli_stmt_prepare($stmt, $sql)) { echo "SQL error"; } else { mysqli_stmt_bind_param($stmt, "ssissiiis", $subscriptionplandelete, $subscriptionplandatedelete, $feesdelete, $expirydatedelete, $paidbydatedelete, $emailreminderreset, $overduedelete, $activatedelete, $_SESSION['u_uid']); mysqli_stmt_execute($stmt); } header("Location: index.php?level1=expired"); exit();
  20. I think i got it... I have to use the <p> tag like <p></p>
  21. My apologies but I guess I shouldn't worry too much about this as this is the only picture that is out of place.. The rest are displayed okay...
  22. At the moment, I have just one picture that is not displaying correctly as shown below but most of them are ok.
  23. With regard to picture profile, I tried to upload certain pictures and some of them are displayed correctly but some are not. Is there a way that I can make all the pictures to be shown the right angle? Some of them are rotated to 180 degrees while some to 90 degrees... but some are shown correctly....
  24. I found this website and it looks like they have the musical notation that I need but do I just insert the html code as img src?
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