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  1. I need to convert variable being matched to uppercase and preg_match for the value in the case statement. I'm not sure what exactly I am missing. { $x = ucfirst($value); switch ($x) { case 'Urine'; if(preg_match('/(urine)(URINE)(Urine)/', $x)) { return 'UR'; } } }
  2. How can I take this below and put it into a script that includes this file and makes sure that it gives a date? I need to check to make sure the function is producing a date. Right now when clicking on the field Complete or Cancel it doesn't produce the date it use to but doesn't anymore. $today_plus_five = maj_get_nth_business_day_from_now(5); $today_plus_twenty = maj_get_nth_business_day_from_now(20); $page_javascript .= " function set_action_date(action_date) { document.getElementById('date_action_needed').value=action_date; } $(function() { $.datepicker.setDefaults($.datepicker
  3. How can I go about calling a new function to get two date types and then add them to a $row array? if ($row['item_type_id'] == 8 table, where these dates are being pulled from, is persons.items date type = created and expired Any help is appreciated.
  4. How can I go about adding an Include option to the following code? Elseif statement if it matches include option display the include date. Need to add or include after the admindateinsteadexclude option if (preg_match("/AdminDateExclude/", $option) || preg_match("/AdminDateInsteadExclude/", $option) { $string_temp = substr($option, strpos($option, 'AdminDate')); $string_temp = substr($string_temp, 0, strpos($string_temp, ',')); $ids = explode('.', $string_temp); array_shift($ids); $ids_list = implode(', ', $ids); $exclude_admin = " AND id NOT IN(".$ids_list.") "; }
  5. I'm stuck on getting the below code to work for a project I'm working on. Not sure if this is in the right location or not and if it isn't I apologize. I'm needing a yes/no option. If yes it will display certain options from them to choose from (NaYes) and if no is select it should display the campus options (NaNo). <form name="CoharieTribe"> <select id="coharietribe" id="second" class="package" title="Search in"size="1"> <option selected="selected">Are you a member or affiliated with the Coharie Tribe?</option> <option class="d
  6. There will be a list of six groups that need to see this. The file is .html but has php and is config to run. Would it be something like this? If I need it to display above the Heading info
  7. This below is what's being used to pull that information.
  8. How can I go about adding a verbiage to a landing page to display for a certain group? Landing page is index.html. Need to do a php call. Not sure what other information I need to provide to get help. tia.
  9. I need to test the following code, but don't want to host it on the server. How can I go about doing so and determine if the code is working or not? I need for the entry instructions to display outside of the input box. tia. $attr_input = "<input type='text' id='attribute_$tracker_alert_attribute_id' name='attribute_$tracker_alert_attribute_id' ". "value='$value' $trigger_on_change_html> $entry_instructions"; } else { $attr_input = "<input type='text' name='attribute_$tracker_alert_attribute_id' value='$value' size='10'> $entry_instruct
  10. I am trying to figure out how to get the instructions to display next to the input box. Right now the text is displaying within the text box and is being cut off. The placeholder='$entry_instructions' is the information that needs to be moved to a <p> tag next to the input box. $attr_input = "<input type='text' id='attribute_$tracker_alert_attribute_id' name='attribute_$tracker_alert_attribute_id' ". "value='$value' placeholder='$entry_instructions' $trigger_on_change_html>"; } else { $attr_input = "<input type='text' name='attribute_$tracker_alert_attrib
  11. The below is the lines above the $csvLine = array() information while ($orderInfo = mysql_fetch_assoc($test_sth)) { if ($options->debug) $progressLength = print_progress(++$count, $numRows, $scriptStartTime, $progressLength); while ($orderInfo = mysql_fetch_assoc($testout_sth)) { if ($options->debug) $progressLength = print_progress(++$count, $numRows, $scriptStartTime, $progressLength); } } I'm needing the information to display the data into those columns in my csv file.
  12. I'm still new to this coding and I am trying to figure out what I'm supposed to use in the area for $csvLine = array(). Example below: What I'm not sure is what information do I put in the $csvLine = array( 'SAMPLE1 ITEMS RECEIVED' => $orderInfo['NOT SURE WHAT TO PUT HERE'], ) to pull the data Below is some of the code: ----- $test_sql = "SELECT DISTINCT order_or_item_number as item_number, location, search_type ". "FROM order_history ". "LEFT JOIN research_queue on order_or_item_number = item_number ". "WHERE (order_history.modified_date BET
  13. I'm getting the following error 'Because Column 'modified_date' in where clause is ambiguous' when trying to run a report with a MySQL script it in. PHP Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'Error on query SELECT DISTINCT order_or_item_number as item_number, location, search_type FROM order_history LEFT JOIN research_queue on order_or_item_number = item_number WHERE (modified_date BETWEEN '2016-07-26 00:00:00' AND '2016-07-26 23:59:59') AND action LIKE '%SENT TO REVIEW' Because: Column 'modified_date' in where clause is ambiguous from file /home/samplereport.php
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