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    Hi all. I am fairly new to PHP. I believe I am one of the few female programmers around. I actually "abandoned" programming for a few years. I worked mostly with Microsoft technologies before. Then I worked as Support, and Analyst. Then became a wife and mom. Now, I am back to regular programming, with PHP as my new language. Hope to learn much for you all. Hello!
  2. Hello, just want a quick survey. I am new at PHP, but I have programming experience previously in .NET (not MVC) what is the framework that you recommend I learn? there are a lot that i read about - CakePHP, Zend, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Laravel. And which one is a marketable skill, and has a good chance of surviving the IT industry ?
  3. hi, I am new here. Just learned PHP programming, but I have programmed in other languages before - Visual Basic and C# Just want to know if there are other women programmers in here, and those who are moms too?
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