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  1. I use to use UltraEdit (IDM Software) on Windows a long time ago. I switched over to MAC and tried several editors, ended up using Zend for a while but I really hate how bloated Zend is. I found UltraEdit has a Mac version and it's pretty awesome and cheap. Plus Free 30 day trial. http://www.ultraedit.com/
  2. By the way... UltraEdit just came out for Mac OSX... this was my favorite editor on Windows... switching over to Mac, I ended up using Zend Studio and don't care for it much, but UltraEdit's file / server browser kind of sucks on Mac so I'm sticking with Zend for now
  3. Don't forget that http://www.webhostfreaks.com (Shared Hosting) and http://www.serverpowered.com (Dedicated Servers / Virtual Private Servers / Load Balanced clusters) are owned by The Web Freaks who owns this site and maintains it!
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