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  1. keeB, you might like yafc - it's got the simplicity of the netkit ftp, and it has some few extra features like tab-completion, bookmarks, and directory listing caches. (The caches can bite you if you're using another method of modifying the files at the same time, but the command `cache -c` will clear them out.)
  2. My absolute favorite: http://css.maxdesign.com.au/
  3. Unfortunately, this is a side effect of any publicity. If enough people know about your site, you are going to get some attackers. As you've just discovered, the best route is to just implement as much security as you can, and take it as it comes along. Thank you for not placing blame on PHP Freaks, as I've seen happen in similar situations elsewhere, and it's good to know that you were able to solve the problem quickly.
  4. No, it doesn't provide valuable, must-read information - just-for-fun threads usually stay up near the top of their own free will anyway.
  5. The old 'let-the-butterfly-do-the-work' technique?
  6. Some (paranoid, IMO) users decide that Javascript is a security threat and disable it. It can indeed be a security threat, but I wouldn't be surprised if most (all?) browsers are intelligent enough to block malicious activity.
  7. Are you on crack? (no offense) It could just be me, but for whatever reason, it seems to me as if that particular comment is sure to cause offense, regardless of any "disclaimers" you may put at the bottom. And I'm curious why you felt the need to reply to that post; he was clearly asking for people that agreed with him, not people that disagreed with him.
  8. Godaddy sucks. Cute FTP owns. That may well be, but we need you to qualify that. Why does Godaddy suck, and why does Cute FTP "own"?
  9. Fixed the poll, and reset the votes - the migration must have borked something.
  10. Either that, or your primary language isn't English.
  11. sure i understand the actual BBCode button that inserts tags, but when you actually quote a person by clicking 'Quote', it actually pulls the info through such as who made the quote and what time,etc, making it easier to see who's talking about what and in reply to who, etc. I'm not sure I understand - that Insert Quote link will do precisely that. That's what I used in this post...
  12. In the regular reply box, if you look below it in the list of previous messages, each one has an "Insert Quote" link in the UR corner. Click that.
  13. Sure, you don't want to depend on a WYSIWYG editor for creating your own custom code - that's why I'm not going to use it for "real" projects. I don't want Nvu putting poor CSS or layout in my code - for example, it nests divs instead of making them separate and using CSS for layout. That type of thing is a nightmare if you're trying for a complex layout. But if I need a simple, linear, informative page, for a tutorial or some documentation, then I'm not going to bother with typing the same stuff over and over for dozens of pages. It's a waste of time. And that's not what it's designed for. It's a WYSIWYG editor first and foremost. I agree completely - for projects that have to look good, you're going to want to create your own HTML and CSS. Different tools for different tasks.
  14. Good catch, friend... good catch.
  15. Ah, but are they? This has always been one of my favorites:
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