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  1. This is very strange as I thought I was going down the right lines. What I have done so far. Set cloudtrax to https://example.co.uk/input.php Put the source code in the input.php file From what I can see this should be now creating a file called mydata.txt The file though is not creating. I know the web server can process POST data and I have also tried this on another domain hosted on my VPS and I can still not get this to work. Any ideas?
  2. Hi all,I am using cloudtrax to output a HTTP POST api to my web hosted server. Cloudtrax have given users in this guide - https://help.cloudtrax.com/hc/en-us/articles/207985916-CloudTrax-Presence-Reporting-API a script that you should put on your web host for PHP users. I have done this and named it input.php .Should I point the POST to this input.php file? When I go to the input.php file in a web browser it creates another file called mydata.txt . Pointing the POST to either link does not put input any data. Please could someone guide me in the right direction as I am having trouble. Cheers
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