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  1. Line 170 is this one btw... $scontent = '<div style="clear:both;width: 100%;"><ul class="nav osc-res-nav '.$navclass.' '.$alignment.'-ul" id="oscitas-restabs-' . $id . '">' . implode('', $_ert_restabs[$ids]['tabs']) . '</ul></div><div style="clear:both;width: 100%;"><ul class="tab-content" id="oscitas-restabcontent-' . $id . '">' . implode('', $_ert_restabs[$ids]['panes']) . '</ul></div>';
  2. Greetings everybody, I was in the midst of updating a few plugins and my version of WordPress and one of the plugins I used hasn't been updated in a while and doesn't appear to be compatible with the latest version of WP. Now I'm a designer so PHP isn't too much my cup of tea so I thought I'd ask to a group of experts to see if someone can help me quickly. I think it doesn't look to much of a big problem but you can tell me. The error I get : Warning: implode(): Invalid arguments passed in easy-responsive-tabs/easy_res_tab.php on line 170 The code of the plugin : <?php /*
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