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  1. PHP sure is not used in as much of a variety of uses as the other languages. For C/C++, Java and C# you don't need to use different languages, you can use one of them for many things. You said you like to use different languages and that implies that PHP and the other languages you use are specialized for just one use. To get back to what I originally said about the internet's server/client design, I think there is no reason why the same general-purpose language can't be used for both the server and the client.
  2. I believe you that WordPress is a poor choice for learning PHP. I am not learning WordPress to learn PHP, I am learning PHP to learn WordPress. Note that PHP is a combination of a language and libraries. Much of what are in the libraries are specific to what a server-side web application needs to do. In the IIS environment, ASP.Net is the libraries and C# is a general-purpose language that can be used for many things. Java and JavaScript are also general-purpose. Java can be used in things like DVD and BluRay players. C/C++ can also be used in embedded applications and many other things. The PHP language, however, has dependencies on its use for web applications, right?
  3. I am sorry but I am not sure if this question should be here for PHP applications or in PHP scripts. I think that PHP-parser qualifies as an application but I am not sure. I don't mind learning what I need to but I mainly want to know if I misunderstand and am wasting my time. I want to use GitHub - nikic/PHP-Parser: A PHP parser written in PHP to process WordPress to analyze WordPress. The documentation at PHP-Parser/2_Usage_of_basic_components.markdown at master · nikic/PHP-Parser · GitHub shows use of Composer. As best as I understand, to use Composer, I must install WordPress using Composer and I must use Composer with WordPress to use PHP-Parser to process WordPress. Do I understand properly? The documentation of PHP-Parser says that PHP's token_get_all is an alternative so I will try that but I want to also try PHP-Parser if possible.
  4. I have been programming since high school in 1970. I have experience with many languages. I know that PHP is very popular. I am not trying to criticize the language but please allow me to express my opinion. My impression is that PHP is less professional. I have no doubts that it is used professionally extensively. This is not the place to debate that, I just want to express my opinion. I also think that the internet's server/client design makes internet applications more complicated than they need to be. For example, it seems unnecessary to use a different language (such as PHP) in the server than the language (such as JavaScript) in the client. I want to analyze WordPress so I will learn PHP. I am learning PHP for that purpose at least. I first learned Windows and Windows programming by writing a Windows Printer Device Driver. The device driver also interfaced with a SCSI (an early interface that is similar to USB) adapter to send the data to the printer. That was in the Windows 3.1 days when Windows used DOS. There was no internet to get help from, I only had Microsoft manuals to help me. I can learn stuff by reading.
  5. I began programming in high school in 1970. I have used punched cards but not paper tapes.
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    As for "one of the few female programmers around", the first compiler ever written by anyone was written by Grace Hopper, a woman. When I began programming for the US Army in 1972, my supervisor was a female civilian. There was five or six people in my group and beside our supervisor, there were at least two other women. There were always women working with me as programmers. I don't doubt that discrimination still exists but I sure have not seen it. Many years ago I went to computer clubs and there were no women there. I am sure they would have been eager for women to join them.
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