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  1. Hi everyone, I am a beginner and have been learning various programming languages like PHP, DotNet, Java etc. I faced an issue regarding php programming in which I wanted to learn how we can find out the difference between two or more arrays based upon key and value of arrays. I have shared many queries in php developer forum & received fruitful results, so hoping a great support to my query in this community too.
  2. Hi, While learning PHP programming & applications, I encountered an issue where I need to point last element of an array in PHP. I have searched in many php developer forum for this solutions but still issue remains the same. Hoping to get a solution from the fellow tech experts.
  3. Hello friends, As an iOS developer, I faced a lot of queries during development, I have searched many social networking sites and joined groups to resolve my issue, and finally I found an iOS developer forum where developers can post various queries & receive answer from Technerds having many years of experience, so I again come up with another issue and seeking solution from any of the available forum. My issue is: "How to add records into Firebase in iOS sdk?", where Firebase provides us this functionality to add records into Firebase,. I hope any tech developer may help me in resolving this issue.
  4. Hi friends , Being a developer I am learning html, CSS, php & web Development. I am here to enhance my learning on web development through various forums like html developer forum and other web developer communities & want to customize checkbox with the help of CSS. Mostly developers use javascript for customizing the look of the checkboxes but I want to use CSS. I hope any tech developer can help me over here in resolving the issue.
  5. Hi, I am looking for some example code that can help me to generate unique random string of numeric numbers in PHP Applications. I am hoping to resolve this issue with the help of tech developers working around & for this I have researched for many php questions & answers in various forums, but didn't get any satisfactory response. Hoping to get answer here.
  6. Hi, I am a developer. I have been searching for best suited web development forums which provide helpful information on web development, so that I can get help from their active members for learning the Captcha Implementation with Javascript which is used to protect the website from the attack and accessing the website by machines. I have searched alot of forums but didn't get the answer. I hope any tech developer can help me in resolving the issue or provide me links of such more forums.
  7. hiee, i am Aarav , here to learn fresh PHP techniques
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