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  1. Hi Giner Yes i am reeving e-mails it all works fine but i would like the header to change as it sends the server side header would like a customized name header snapshot was attached in previous message. Thank you for taking your time on this. <?php $to = 'no-reply@hotmail.com'; // please change this email id $errors = array(); // print_r($_POST); // Check if name has been entered if (!isset($_POST['name'])) { $errors['name'] = 'Please enter your name'; } // Check if email has been entered and is valid if (!isset($_POST['email'])
  2. Contact Form.php Please can someone help me on this as i have tried to implement the code given by hostgatore with no avail as i have set up this php contact form on my server as is below, with my hot-mail account it works fine but would like it to have a different header instead of the server name header, how can i do this. snap shot taken, A link of hostgatore faq suggestions http://support.hostgator.com/articles/php-email-from-header does not work when added,. can somone please fix and help me on this 3 days of no sleep for something simple i guess, Thanx in advance
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