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  1. <table width="400px" align="center"> <tr> <?php if ($rand ==1) { ?> <td width="33%"> <form method="get"> <button name="data" type="button" onclick="getData()">Click</button> </form> </td> <td width="33%"> </td> <td width="33%"> </td> <?php } if ($rand ==2) { ?> <td width="33%"> </td> <td width="33%"> <form method="get"> <button name="data" type="button" onclick="getData()">Click</button> </form> </td> <td width="33%">
  2. This works perfectly. I am just wondering is it possible to have the random number change with each submit?
  3. So I am trying to run ajax to submit without refreshing with mid as the mapID and random as the string to see if the user refreshed. But when I press the button it does nothing. I have my <div id=summary></div> but nothing comes up. Can someone help <script type="text/javascript" src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/ libs/jquery/1.3.0/jquery.min.js"> <script type="text/javascript"> function getData() { $.ajax({ url : "/map_data.php?mid=1&random=2040187", type : "post", success : function(data) { $('#summary'
  4. Thank you soooo much. Something so basic that I totally forgot. Thanks again man.
  5. That the question I have
  6. So while your on items/ the search box works but when you use the items/buy... it does not work
  7. So I am creating a website that the individual would like to have his website as /shop/123 instead of shop.php?id=123. I have been using .htaccess and it's working to show it that but it's blocking my other scripts from working RewriteRule ^items/p/([0-9]+)/?$ /items.php?page=$1 It is blocking this from being used <input type="text" class="search" id="inputSearch" /> <div id="divResult"> </div> It's blocking my javascript from running and its this $(function(){ $(".search").keyup(function() { var inputSearch = $(this).val(); var dataString = 'searchword='+ inputSea
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