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  1. Hi, i'm software developer with 2 years of experience working in various technologies. I like mathematics and work on complex problems, i started developing since i had 12 years old, and now i did of a hobbie a good job. Specifically i have worked with the following languages and libraries C, C++ (Qt, WxWidgets), Python, Java (JSE), C#, .NET, Verilog, VHDL, (HTML/CSS), JQuery, Ajax, PHP(Laravel, Eloquent), Mysql, Java (JEE, Swing, JSF, JPA, Hibernate), SQL Server, SQLite 3, Pl-SQL. I'm an autodidact that love learn new things each day, i like read history, learn about science specifically Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, and learn distinct languages, actually i'm studying German (Deutsch). Always that i start a new job i dedicate some of my own time for learn some topics that maybe i don't know, i'm a person that believe that all is possible with effort and discipline. I'm interested in work remote with any company for make great things!. I have immediate disponibility for start to work. My hourly rate is $ 12 USD. Below i will put my experience with more detail: WEB DEVELOPER UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL DE COLOMBIA July 2016 to November 2016 In this university i worked as web developer making a web platform for the information management of ethnic communities of the country that participate in courses of projects formulation organizated by the university and a public organization called DNP(Departament of national planning). For the development of the website i needed conform with the CMS that the university use (Concrete 5), but I only used some functions of these CMS and all website was maked using PHP, Jquery, Ajax directly. WEB DEVELOPER ETHOS SOLUCIONES November 2015 to March 2016 In this company i worked as web developer for solidary products software, here i work on many web pages for big data management in the two sides: backend and frontend using languages like JEE (Spring, JSF), Javascript(Jquery, Ajax), JSE, HTML5 and CSS3 developing for clients like Edupol, Cacsa, Coopedac, Financiar and Inntegra. GAME DEVELOPER EFECTO STUDIOS March 2015 to August 2015 In Efecto Studios i worked as game developer, participating in projects as Grab (Grabbity successor), a driving simulator that use VR (Occulus rift) and REAKTIO (game based in autonomous simulation of battles). Working in the development of AI, UI and GamePlay using the languages C++, C# and graphic scripting (Blueprints). DEVELOPER INFOTRACK S. A November 2014 to April 2015 In this company i worked as software engineer level 1, making applications and functionalities on C# in web and mobile devices (PDA) for big data management of the following companies: Codensa, Acueducto, Meals, Novartis. Specifically development of Web Services, integration of RFID readers (Impinj devices), implementing new functionalities to the aplications (WEB y PDA), bugs solution and giving software support. INFORMATIC ASSISTANT AND FREE COURSES TEACHER UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL DE COLOMBIA February 2014 to December 2014 In the university Universidad Nacional de Colombia i worked as assistant for social sciences faculty, working in hardware maintenance, attention to students, software maintenance (Windows y Linux) and as teacher of free courses for students teaching the use of qualitative software like Atlas.ti, NVivo and QDA Miner. You can contact me in "d a e v a r g a s r o @ u n a l . e d u . c o" . I look forward to hearing from you. Regards.
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