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  1. Kind of hard to answer that since my framework is API driven. But for the API, if you check out the example on configdev.com, one thing would be the validation done at the model level. If you check that a field is unique in the database, you should not have to tell the validation to check for unique, it should be done automatically. How about the need for a controller and router? If done right, the framework can take care of them behind the scenes. In all reality, all you need is models and custom code. Also at the model level and controller level, all basic REST SQL should be done automatical
  2. I recently started developing a framework for PHP and Javascript. I have some information about it on configdev.com. I am about halfway done with it. I was wondering what the community thinks of my concept for this framework. I would also like to ask, if anyone has anything they like or dislikes about frameworks they use? What is your ideal framework? I am trying to create something that removes all that redundant coding we do on a daily basis and reduces the frustration that comes with all the complications of working with even our best frameworks. So, basically, I want to know what you want
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