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  1. That looks excellent. How could this be scripted in php?
  2. Why would a one-many-relationships (junction) table be necessary? Lets assume id acts as the flight number, then duplicate entries won't be a problem as multiple flights can exist, I was simplifying the database. Also what does this do? # FRA, ATH Many thanks for your help, much appreciated!
  3. Hi, Im new to the forums, and wanted to kick off by asking a coding question. Im building a php script and need help with mysqli scripting. I have a database similar to the following: dep_airport arr_airport flt_num LHR JFK 100 LHR FRA 200 JFK MIA 300 The user for instance wants to fly from MIA to FRA, however theres no direct connection, so a simple query such as SELECT * FROM schedules WHERE dep_airport = 'MIA', arr_airport = 'FRA' would not work as the user would need to stop over in JFK and LHR to catch a connecting flight. How can I structure a php query for it to find and display that connection? Many Thanks !
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