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  1. Hey guys, I'm busy on making a wordpress website in the Kallyas child theme. For some of the last things I want to customize the productpage (WooCommerce) a bit further. I am no expert on css or php, and as far as I can find on Google, I am unable to find any working methods to make my wishes for this page come true. WooCommerce works with a standard template. Within this template there is an usage of tabs for reviews, product description and additional information. Those are all linked from the wordpress back-end. Especially the additional information section is linked with the WooCommerce db with the product features It should be possible to modify within the function.php file with some snippets, but I have no clue wich. To get to the point, I have two questions (for a better picture of my story, view this screenshot) : 1 - Names of the tabs come in double. I know how to change the smaller title within the tab, but not how to remove it so that only the bigger title is shown. I would like to have the smaller title to dissapear. 2 - I would like to have the yellow selected text moved to in between the product and the addional information (extra informatie), as shown in the image. Possible options (?): - Remove the tab visually while keeping the functions active. Instead of browsing in between the tabs, have them underneath each other. - Remove the tabs completely and trade them in with the creation of two text fields. If you guys have any suggestions I would like to hear them. Thanks in advance, Fecoz
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