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  1. Hi, does anyone know of any software that I should can use to create ads that are can placed on screen in flash or led?, Announcements such as "Products Out of Stock" and that these products appear from right to left as a list ... Thanks !!
  2. I agree, let's see who can work on it.. Let's see who can work on it
  3. I know, I took risks when I started my project with that system, the problem is that I've weeks working on it and the deadline to deliver the project is in a week, I can't start a new project from scratch...I just want to know if there is a solution, I know it's complicated but it can be done?
  4. Hi, I recently downloaded a system that the owner has put free for the public. That system is based on a library to lend books. I'm editing it to make a store with options to deliver products, the problem is that the system is designed in a way that if someone rents a book, another person can't ask for that book, the system will not let me order a product that someone else has already ordered. This image shows the problem, if someone takes a product must have a single copy and it is automatically exhausted. I want that any person can request x quantity of products although another person has already requested that same product. I tried to change it in the database and php codes but I do not have the level of programming needed to be able to remove it, the page crashes, the system crashes, stops working if I try to change something related. What part should I modify in order to achieve what I explained above?, I share a file with the system in case someone is interested in checking it : http://www.mediafire.com/file/77fzd1v8i6ruu6j/library-php-master.zip Thanks in advance !!
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