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  1. I've checked my code and I am indeed using the test api, I think I'd been careless in my copying above :-/ Thanks for flagging. Unfortunately Heart don't provide any support for these examples, hence me seeking assistance from this community. I'm keen to learn and develop my skills, but without even knowing where to start here is somewhat frustrating. As for $objects and $extensions, the quick answer is no, I wasn't aware I needed to. I pretty much took as read what the examples on Heart's pages stated, that sending the EPP greeting "Hello" should receive a response as below - <?
  2. 1, No, I'm not. I'm using test system logins. 2, What tells me that? Previously, 500 errors. Now it is this - 3, I didn't, but do now (hence above). I'm wholly new to php, so for this I am being guided by what little information is available on Heart's API page - http://api.heartinternet.co.uk/api2.html
  3. Oh! Kinda logical, but assumed that having a complete/updated profile would be encouraged without the need for multiple posts! :-/
  4. In my attempt to be a good member, I've attempted to add my photo, but doing so merely results in an error - Open photo editor Use a custom photo Paste URL Click import Error states "member_profile_disabled" - what?! Any ideas?
  5. Hi all. Just posted my first plea for help and thought I'd best say hello to you lovely folk! I'm just getting started with php, as I'm keen to use my hosting provider's api to control my account. Now that may be an ambitious way to begin with php, I don't know! As this is all new to me, I will do my absolute best to make sure my questions/queries are clear and concise - but I apologise in advance if I "don't get it" straight away! Anyway, thanks in advance to you all - and I hope I can one day be of help to someone else. Bests Matt
  6. I'm trying to get started with using my hosting provider's API access to their EPP. They provide certain information, which I've attempted to follow - without success! For now I'm simply trying to send the greeting to the service, if I can get that going then I'll take the next steps, but something isn't working - and it here that I'm stuck. <?php require_once('api.inc'); $hi_api = new HeartInternet_API(); $hi_api->connect(false); // true = connect to the test API, false = connect to the live API. $username = "myUsername"; $password = "myPassword"; $hi_api->logIn($username
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