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  1. Some of the improved Magento 2.0 features include: New Layout Elements CSS Preprocessing Easier Customization Most Modern Front-End Tools Streamlined Checkout Process full page cache reduced table locking Check out This interesting blog- Top 5 Benefits of Magento 2.x over Magento 1.x- http://bit.ly/2lbHhnS
  2. Of course, it largely depends on what you want to do. But you asked a question about a framework, so I assume you are more interested in implementing software at a business domain level. (as opposed to writing operating systems, content management systems, device drivers, IoT stuff, etc).Personally, I Suggest you Laravel is the best Framework to work, [/size]Laravel is far from perfect (as is PHP), but being highly opinionated, you spend less time struggling about the painful intricacies of PHP and dealing with non-core domains like authentication and authorization and get on with what you want to build.[/size]
  3. Check out this List- https://xebialabs.com/the-ultimate-devops-tool-chest/deployment/ May be help you out
  4. Hello Guys, , Endive Software is a steadily growing company with a global network of solution experts and architects. We are an award winning IT Services company based out of Sarasota, Florida (USA). Our area of expertise includes Web Development, Mobile Development, Web Design, and Salesforce Integration and Development services. Over the years, we have been a reliable business partner for our clients, delivering credible solutions exceeding the clients' expectations. Services That are provided- 1) Mobile App Development(Android & iOS) 2) Digital Marketing Services 3) SalesForce Services 4) Web Design Services 5) iphone app Development As an engineer, I'm fast and reliable with excellent communication. Please feel free to ask me e-mail:sales@endivesoftware.com Visit us- http://www.endivesoftware.com With Regards
  5. According to me Today most demanding framework is laravel. there are lot’s of client prefer for developments. For me the easiest to learn was Fat-Free framework.Fat-Free framework is very un-opinionated. Once you build a very small application in it, you will enjoy how much you have accomplished doing so little.laravel reminds me pretty much of ruby on rails, but without all the fuzz and strict conventions. It's quality from inside out. Easy to learn, powerful, and an extremely fast growing community.
  6. When we look at modern web development needs, the key to success is speed development with well organized, reusable and maintainable code, all the while ensuring scalability. The best way to achieve this is by using an existing, proven PHP framework. Basically, these 6 Frameworks are in boom 1) Laravel 2) YII 3) SYMFONY 4) CODEIGNITER 5) ZEND 6) CAKEPHP I recommended Laravel framework because Laravel has its own set of packages which promotes a certain type of opinion. Though beginner friendly, it comes with its own set of beliefs and opinions.
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