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  1. Heya, I am building on a PHP CMS system that parses template files and replaces tags with content. Sometimes this content is a HTML, CSS or JS snippet, but it can also be a code include. Most code includes use dependencies, already set in the main scope: the app class, where the start() function resides and all needed domain objects are loaded. Some of these objects are: site, url, page, etc.. The PHP scripts are included inside a different scope, so I can't access the dependencies the way I want -> from the app class. I am thinking about Dependency Injection using a dependency conta
  2. Hey you, I am new to this forum, so I thought an introduction is at order: I am Bart, a web developer, currently working at Abayo. Abayo is a custom built (PHP MVC) CMS that focuses on the following aspects: - Main target group: small and medium businesses - Customization of a website made easy - Community system that connects users, designers, business people, etc, together. The business is still in start-up phase, but we've come a long way. Currently, the system is getting more complex and, because I am the only developer, the questions I have become more and more complex.
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