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  1. See you have a site.... how much would you charge for the php to do what I need?
  2. Any suggestions as to how? Am I not going about it right? Should I not use PHP? Would AJAX be easier or better any way?
  3. Is it possible to query my database based on user input from a form?
  4. Thank you for the response and sending me in the right direction.
  5. I have a database written in and stored on a server. The table I will be accessing is called dataRep and houses Rep Data. This data is user input via form submission. Upon coming to the website there is an option to "View Rep Information" by submitting the Rep's ID that was given. That Rep ID will be the auto increment repID from the table. Upon clicking the button, it opens a new window that should display the rep's data. It does not, however. Here is the [html] the user will see: <div class="pop_box"> <a class="rms-button" href="#popup1">Enter Rep Number Here</a> <
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