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  1. If I understood right, you have an array with a reply, and that reply has another array with another reply, and so on. This kind of problems is solved with recursive functions or just recursion. Maybe you should try learn about that.
  2. Undefined index: first_name in (my file name) on line 41 Undefined index: last_name in (my file name) on line 42 "Undefined index" errors occurs when you trying accessing something that does not exists. When you first put if ($_SESSION['logged_in'] = true) Inside $_SESSION['logged_in'] is now 'true'. Since it's a session, it stays like that until you clear your cookies/session in your browser. Or session_destroy(). Because it's true, and you fixed to '==', it's entering this condition now, but inside $_SESSION['first_name'] there is nothing.
  3. Not sure if that's what you meant: [ ] = means array in JSON I think you need access like that: echo $access->data->prices[0]->price; or echo $access->data->prices[1]->price; // this will get an error, maybe the api can give you more than one "price"
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