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  1. Hi, Thanks for your response. I have followed quite a few different tutorials on YouTube, and people seem to have different ways of doing things, so yes.. that's probably why my code is all over the place. Sorry, I am very new to this! Can you suggest how to fix it?
  2. I am a student currently learning PHP and SQL. We are building a PHP form and the input values need to be inserted into a MySQL database. (I am using PhpMyAdmin.) When I load the page, I just see this error, and my teacher said he is not familiar with how to fix it! "Database update failed.Incorrect date value: 'dateOfRelease' for column 'ReleaseDate' at row 1" The name of the column in my database that I am trying to insert the date into is called ReleaseDate, with a data type of 'date'. I am using the html input type 'date' in my form. The input field is named 'dateOfRelease'. I have uploaded the code I have so far, I hope someone can help. Thanks, Zara addMovieForm.php
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