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  1. Solved with (imagecopyresized) Closed.
  2. Don't work. The image not show.
  3. The picture is not right. On windows it works well and on linux no. (Windows) (CORRECT) (Linux) (INCORRECT) Code: header('Content-Type: image/png;'); $im = @imagecreatefrompng('ph.png'); $im2 = @imagecreatefrompng("assets/images/skins/Skin_170.png"); $im2 = imagescale($im2, 54, 100); imagecopy($im, $im2, 3, 30, 0, 0, imagesx($im2), imagesy($im2)); $text_color = imagecolorallocate($im, 31,31,31); $font = 'assets/fonts/arc.otf'; imagepng($im); imagedestroy($im);
  4. widMan

    Optimize Load

    1St: "Are you encountering performance issues and have you traced those issues to the loading of these files." Files (.js / .css) are compensated to to increase performance.
  5. Hi all, How to optimize these functions? To load the with array ... something. <script src="{{ URL::asset('assets/js/jquery.min.js') }}"></script> <script src="{{ URL::asset('assets/js/bootstrap.min.js') }}"></script> <script src="{{ URL::asset('assets/js/menu.min.js') }}"></script> <script src="{{ URL::asset('assets/js/ss.min.js') }}"></script> <script src="{{ URL::asset('assets/js/ll.min.js') }}"></script> <script src="{{ URL::asset('assets/js/app.min.js') }}"></script> <script src="{{ URL::asset('assets/js/pace
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