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  1. I have never had anything to do with Apps. Who would I contact. Any idea of cost involved with iPhone Apps. I understand you need to have some sort if licence. Maybe that would be handled by the developer! I am in Australia, but with the World at our fingertips, I guess anywhere.
  2. Yes, the customer has said that pics and related text would be best uploaded to a pc via local network/wifi once back to the office. I am not an expert at php, but I could see there were issues running php, both with a needed connection and the ability to have a browser get access to camera.
  3. I have a customer who is using an app to record quality control. The process is: Take a photo and add a short line of text detailing the problem. There are a few apps to do this, but they have found they are very cumbersome and do way way more than they need. In fact so cumbersome that the job gets lost in the extra unneeded details. I said I would look into a way to do this, but can't find anything. There would really be 2 options of how to do it. A custom App on the phone/ipad. OR create a php page that can be accessed on the phone to take photos and add text. Ideally, you would have a settings page, where you can add maybe a dozen different problem types. Then after taking a photo, choosing a problem from the drop down of pre-set types. (from the option list previously) Then either the completed job could be uploaded immediately or when returning to the office. Any ideas of which way to go would be of help.
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    Gday, I'm an Aussie, as the lingo says. Weather's been good.

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