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  1. hi, i have a video upload website. i have uploaded 2 m4a file. One is playing and another one is not playing. Both files are in the server. See the attachment(screen shot). First one is mall size, second one is 110 MB. We are using dedicated server.
  2. Hi, Thank you for the replay. Normally client upload 2 gb, 5 gb size... conversion take more time than normal upload? for example 2 gb video take 40 min to upload then convert to for example mp4 will take more time.
  3. Hi, we are developing a video upload website. Client will upload videos into different formats (avi,mp4,flv etc). Video upload to server by not playing. Only mp4 playing avi etc not playing. How can i play all video formats in php. Or we want to convert all video to mp4 at the time of upload using ffmpeg. Please let me know a solution, we are using dedicated server fr this.
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