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  1. Most browsers have a nice debugging tool for this. Right click on whatever you're trying to adjust and choose "Inspect". Sometimes it's "Inspect Element". On the split screen that pops up, you should see a "Styles" tab in the middle. This will show you the resulting CSS styles applied to the element and which are in effect. You can actually change the values shown here or add new ones to see the change. You can click the whole effect on/of by using the checkbox before each line. I think you may find that there's something else overriding the styles you're setting above. -John
  2. Based on how you're building your query, there's probably an ->orderby() method that you need to use. Kind of hard to get more specific than that without knowing what your database abstraction layer is doing.
  3. Use isset(). echo (isset($val['value'])) ? $val['value'] : 0;
  4. Not sure at all on this, but I remember something like this being an issue because your just adding a string and not actually creating DOM nodes? Although the ability to address "#addr2" and change its HTML seems to contradict that... What if you just throw an alert on the on change bit for the new HTML? Does the event even get triggered? What if you hard coded .input_order_name_class1 (actual number, not the I'd variable) with an alert in the on change function. Does that get triggered?
  5. No idea what your trying to accomplish here, but it sounds like a bad idea. Generating a random code would be better than username and password.
  6. That's kinda broad, man. I mean, the answer is to keep learning PHP.
  7. The assumption is that the first place to post would be the owner's PHP script. So you'd only need to "fake" a POST to the Salesforce page. I'd do them both with jQuery on the same button action and display a success/fail message for each one. -John
  8. The funniest part in all of this is that PHP will do that type casting automatically for you by default, but you turned it off.
  9. To be ultra-fair, aren't there nosql databases, too? I haven't used one, though.
  10. It's not a simple change this to that, like it is in the HTML. You have to find everywhere the select data is referenced in PHP and update the logic. Maybe even change the database schema if there is one. Even JavaScript, maybe.
  11. Generally wouldn't matter to PHP as they come across as arrays, either way. Unless you do something weird with the checkbox naming.
  12. Add "multiple" to the HTML select and change the name to include a "[]" at the end. Now the multiple selected options will be passed as an array. Now, the hard part, you need to find everywhere that value is referenced in PHP and make sure the logic deals with an array instead of a singular value. Good luck.
  13. lol... It's SQL no matter where you put it. PHP has a process to execute SQL or you can execute it directly in the database. It's all SQL. It is good for you to conserve brain cells though, from what I've seen.
  14. It's not nonsense, it's error reporting. It's MySQL telling you the mistake you made so you can correct it. You don't even make an attempt at it and just run back here to shit out the latest thing you saw. You can't make a field UNIQUE if the values are not UNIQUE. Funny how that works, eh? MySQL is telling you that you have more than one row with the same username value, an empty string, so how is it supposed to make that field unique? Try DELETE TABLE 'users' and that should fix everything.
  15. Accurate that you left yourself off that list, since all you do is take what we write and fuck it up.
  16. Doesn't .post() parse the JSON itself to determine whether the call was a success or not? (Edit: Req already said that, actually.)
  17. Well, when you run index.php, ONLY the code in index.php is run. You "require" connect.db.php at the beginning, so that code is run. Then the rest of index.php. Where is get_msg() defined, if only those two files are run? How is PHP supposed to know get_msg() (and send_msg(), as you'll find out) is in the chat.func.php file? Hint, it's the same way PHP knows what's in the connect.db.php file... -John
  18. We were typing at the same time. Good on you for figuring out this mystery on your own.
  19. lol... you're wondering why the HTML that's after this line does not show up? echo "Do not forget to click the 'Login' button!"; exit;
  20. The point of using PDO is so you do not put $id directly into your query. Do some more reading on how to use that correctly. Also add some error checking. Assuming no errors, your code should work. If it's not, then you're getting errors you're not seeing and accounting for.
  21. I see contact.php and index.html, but where is send_form_email.php?
  22. You're going to need to show some code. That looks like a basic "page not found" error. Does that PHP file exist on the server?
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