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  1. No error or response, blank. When we are doing echo $response, no output.. Everything is working in XML, only bringing in PHP is the issue. Can we solve this? XML request ok <ftp-user> <add> <name>abhisheknew</name> <password>jdnHHbe6Gc</password> <home/> <webspace-id>1</webspace-id> </add> </ftp-user> This generated a user in ftp, but in PHP we cannot generate somehow.. IS there a way to connect with you sir?
  2. Thanks for your reply. XML RPC extension is enabled on the server. In PHP code, its not generating a response. Can you help please? Here's the response code <?php require_once('PleskApiClient.php'); $host = getenv('REMOTE_HOST'); $login = getenv('REMOTE_LOGIN') ?: 'admin'; $password = getenv('REMOTE_PASSWORD'); $client = new PleskApiClient($host); $client->setCredentials($login, $password); $request = <<<EOF <packet> <ftp-user> <add> <name>abhisheknew</name> <password>jdnHHbe6Gc</password> <home/> <webspace-id>1</webspace-id> </add> </ftp-user> </packet> EOF; $response = $client->request($request); print_r($response); echo "Response: ".$response;
  3. Dear All, We are desperate for a solution and our project is stuck since 2 weeks, cannot launch ! We have a root server. We need to create an automatic FTP username password for users who register on our website. We have been able to generate this via XML RPC and but cannot install it in PHP as our code is written in PHP. It's become highly frustrating and any assistance in this would be highly appreciated. Can someone get us through this small issue? Thanks everyone for looking into this. Regards Mani
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