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  1. OMG i see it now... Thanks Jackques1. Still it strikes me as a surprise that this code is printed above the table headings, since the ">" duplication is found beneath... Any ideas on my design pattern? I especially have trouble creating my Validator class. There are many to be found as open source libraries, but the configuration makes my head explode with the knowledge i only have at this point... And thanks for the link of the validater, i ll definately be using it
  2. Hello, I have some trouble in my code. For now i am trying to output an amortization table that i calculated inside a class. I achieve for the table to be outputted, but there is also an instance of ">>>>>" being outputted and i do not know from where... I have added an image below so you can see the output of the ">>>>". Here's my code: <?php include './index.php'; $val = new Validator(); $input = new Input($val->getSanitized()['input-aw'], $val->getSanitized()['input-i'], $val->getSanitized()['input-n']); $loanHL = new LoanHL($input); $loa
  3. Hello, I am a newbie and catching up on php OOP. I have a handy project that i would like to mold into a OOP-driven web application. For the sake of simplicity i will describe a minor part of the application's goals. I should be able to scale later, but the most important thing is getting the design pattern ready. Goal of the application: I wish to provide people with different loan types (eg mortgage loan; declining,...) as to allow them to pick their best suitable type. For this i use a fom that catches the basic loan information and goes to work. For simplicity let's s
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