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  1. <?php
    $q = $_REQUEST["q"];
    $username = mysqli_real_escape_string($conn, $q);
    //echo $username."test<Br>";
    echo $q;

    $q is the string that is being typed in an input box on another page.


    $username wont echo but $q will.

    how to escape $q so i can use it in database quires? 

  2. can i have 

    header("Location: ../"); exit;

    on same line?


    header("Location: ../");

    ? if i cant have it on the same line is there a program which searches for header("Location: ../"); in files and then changes "header("Location: ../");" to

    "header("Location: ../");




  3. Your regex doesn't say that at all. You have no anchors (which means a substring match is sufficient), and for some strange reason you're using preg_match_all(), as if you expected multiple matches.


    If you only want to allow dashes and dots as delimiters between alphanumerics, that's


    Length checks are the job of strlen() or mb_strlen().

    oh my goodness thank you so much. :) not its fixed!

  4. this is my code 

    $re = '/[^\W][a-zA-Z\d.-]{3,20}/';
    if(!preg_match_all($re, $username)){
     do something
     do somthing else
    $username is a $_POST['username'];
    when i submit a 3 letter word it works
    but when i use symbols like $ and ! and etc it still goes through,
    im trying to get a regex where the username is 4-20 characters long and only the alphabet and numbers and
    dots and dash but dots and dashs cant be next to each other
    thx :(
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