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  1. Hi! I'm new here, this is my first post. I'm Nookie, and I run a dating site for kinksters originally built on an Oxwall/SkaDate framework and customized. In seven months, we've grown to 22,000 users, despite bugs, slowness, and not much in the way of promotions (been holding back). I'm looking for an uber-brilliant developer with drive who wants to work on a long-term intensely complex project and benefit from it. I'm talking skin in the game. I have one developer working with me right now, and it's not going as smoothly as planned, and I have A LOT to do. This is for a new site, not an update/modification of the existing site. I've paid freelancers for the first round (prototype and proof of concept). I recently spoke to a developer friend of mine who was part of a startup a few years back that has made him and his two partners multi-millionaires, and he recommended that I look for someone who is willing to invest the way I am in this project. So, I'm looking for a partner with mad skills and passion for kink (or at least a passion for personal freedom and an open mind). I'm supplying some details here, and I'm open to any questions you have. -- This is a kinky dating site. VERY IMPORTANT that you understand this before viewing any of the linked materials or make contact, as only someone who has no problem with the freaky things people enjoy can possibly be considered. http://datingkinky.com/proj/DK_SiteWalkthrough.mp4 http://datingkinky.com/proj/DK_AdminWalkthrough.mp4 http://datingkinky.com/proj/DK_53117.pdf We will also need iOS and Android mobile apps (we have them, they are just not very good) to match the web functionality. The original site has been heavily customized, so a developer who understands how plugins work and can cannibalize or take fast inspiration from code is ideal. I'd like to streamline how it all works together, and prepare for exponential growth. Care will have to be taken in several areas: - Existing users being ported - Integrating bots for customer service and data entry (I will provide the bots, like this: https://convbot.hellotars.com/conv/S1l19e/ ) - Language management MUST be easy and 100% integrated (I have plans for translation, long term, like a wiki) I am hosted on a dedicated web server, and I use Amazon SES for notification emails. I will also be interested in hosting images on AWS, possibly back up DBs. The PDF shows the black, which is the first phase, and existing functionality (shown in the videos) - This needs to be rebuilt. The blue is second phase, which we do not have cheat code for. The yellow is future project, for information. All needs to be built from scratch although code can be reused from existing site and users/DB must be ported. I am specifically looking for stability and growth. We plan to reach 1,000,000 members in two years, which is very reasonable. at 4,000,000, I plan to clone the code, and take on another, much larger market, based on what has been learned in the kink scene. I will need the most basic of UI, as I will provide the styling, like these: http://www.datingkinky.com/newsite/templating/My%20Work/Blog_Add.html http://www.datingkinky.com/newsite/templating/My%20Work/Dashboard.html http://www.datingkinky.com/newsite/templating/My%20Work/index.html http://www.datingkinky.com/newsite/templating/My%20Work/KinksAndInterests.html http://www.datingkinky.com/newsite/templating/My%20Work/KinksAndInterests_Wiki.html http://www.datingkinky.com/newsite/templating/My%20Work/Kinkstorms.html http://www.datingkinky.com/newsite/templating/My%20Work/Kinkstorms_Add.html http://www.datingkinky.com/newsite/templating/My%20Work/Login_Modals.html http://www.datingkinky.com/newsite/templating/My%20Work/Kinkstorms.html http://www.datingkinky.com/newsite/templating/My%20Work/Login_Modals.html http://www.datingkinky.com/newsite/templating/My%20Work/main_nav_modpos.html http://www.datingkinky.com/newsite/templating/My%20Work/main_nav.html http://www.datingkinky.com/newsite/templating/My%20Work/MessageCenter.html http://www.datingkinky.com/newsite/templating/My%20Work/mini_profile.html http://www.datingkinky.com/newsite/templating/My%20Work/Moderate_Avatars.html http://www.datingkinky.com/newsite/templating/My%20Work/Moderate_PhotoReports.html http://www.datingkinky.com/newsite/templating/My%20Work/Moderate_Photos.html http://www.datingkinky.com/newsite/templating/My%20Work/ModPos.html http://www.datingkinky.com/newsite/templating/My%20Work/Other_Modals.html http://www.datingkinky.com/newsite/templating/My%20Work/Photo_Modals.html http://www.datingkinky.com/newsite/templating/My%20Work/Photos.html http://www.datingkinky.com/newsite/templating/My%20Work/Profile_ModPos.html http://www.datingkinky.com/newsite/templating/My%20Work/Profile_noHeader.html http://www.datingkinky.com/newsite/templating/My%20Work/Profile.html http://www.datingkinky.com/newsite/templating/My%20Work/Search.html http://www.datingkinky.com/newsite/templating/My%20Work/Settings_EditProfile.html http://www.datingkinky.com/newsite/templating/My%20Work/Settings_EmailPass.html http://www.datingkinky.com/newsite/templating/My%20Work/Settings_Matching.html http://www.datingkinky.com/newsite/templating/My%20Work/Settings.html And http://datingkinky.com/proj/dkm_dashboard.png http://datingkinky.com/proj/dkm_kinks.png http://datingkinky.com/proj/dkm_kinkspage_adddef.png http://datingkinky.com/proj/dkm_kinkspage_adddef2.png http://datingkinky.com/proj/dkm_kinkspage_addkink.png http://datingkinky.com/proj/dkm_kinkspage_discuss.png http://datingkinky.com/proj/dkm_kinkspage.png http://datingkinky.com/proj/dkm_message_canned.png http://datingkinky.com/proj/dkm_message_declineblock.png http://datingkinky.com/proj/dkm_message.png http://datingkinky.com/proj/dkm_photo_upload.png http://datingkinky.com/proj/dkm_photos_detail.png http://datingkinky.com/proj/dkm_photos.png http://datingkinky.com/proj/dkm_profile_edit.png http://datingkinky.com/proj/dkm_profile_kinks.png http://datingkinky.com/proj/dkm_profile_testimonial_add.png http://datingkinky.com/proj/dkm_profile_testimonial_approve.png http://datingkinky.com/proj/dkm_profile_testimonial.png http://datingkinky.com/proj/dkm_profile.png http://datingkinky.com/proj/dkm_search_filters.png http://datingkinky.com/proj/dkm_search.png http://datingkinky.com/proj/dkm_sidemenu.png http://datingkinky.com/proj/dkm_vip_settings_whoops.png http://datingkinky.com/proj/dkm_vip_settings.png The site is currently hosted on a dedicated server, with notification emails going out through Amazon SES. I'm open to AWS hosting of some or part of the project, and flexible on your suggestions for growth and stability. Security is also a critical piece of the puzzle. -- Money: $50k/month is projected profit on 1mil members. That's 60ยข/member profit each year from freemiums, advertisements, and affiliate offers. Plenty of Fish makes $1 profit per year on 100 million members, as an example of a freemium/ads based site in the dating market. Your cut is negotiable, based on your initial rate. We have two partners right now, and several volunteers/assistants, so you would join a team dedicated to making this happen. Me: I have 20 years of developing online as part of a team (some coding, primarily UI/UX/Project Management stuff). This is a bigger project than any I've managed before, but I'm excited about it and the potential, and I have a lot of background experience in similar projects as an admin. nookienotes on Skype I am ready to have a site I can confidently promote to the world, and grow as quickly as I can reach people. I have a lot of plans prepared and not yet set into motion, because I can't handle the issues and bugs on a large-scale basis, so we are growing quickly, but not FAST. I'm also ready to monetize. Please reach out and ask any questions. I'm an open book with this and very serious about finding the right person. -- Please ask any questions here, PM, Skype. I'm an open book with this and very serious about finding the right person.
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