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  1. Hello smithjack! I'll answer your query step by step. Ways to develop a live streaming website or an app - There are 3 ways that you can go for. 1) From scratch 2) Script or Software 3) Ready-made solution Here I'll explain you the pros and cons in each way. 1) Scratch - If you plan to start from the scratch you should have a strong knowledge in technical part and it obviously takes lot of time to complete. 2) Script / Software - You can try either of these but you might face difficulties while trying to make customization in the future 3) Ready-made solution - When you go for ready-made solution you can have all the features that you wanted in your website or app and customization is possible in any way you want. And above all it is much time saving! In that way I would suggest you to try VDart Prism which is a complete end-to-end VOD solution to build your own video streaming website or app. cost to build - The cost factors completely depend on the features that you wish to have in your website or app.
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