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  1. Recently, my friend has successfully persuade me to get a dog, but now I am having an headache about which breed I should get. There are just so many pros and cons for every single breed of dogs. For example, Alaskan Malamute Boston Terrier Norwegian Buhund Pug Any suggestions?
  2. stanley_whitegates

    PHP Multidimensional Arrays

    Nice! I am new to php so great example for me to learn as well.
  3. stanley_whitegates

    have created a DIY-Calendar & planer : how to resize it now

    Oh that is a nice video! I might try it out.
  4. stanley_whitegates

    Big thank you to all

    Enjoy the retirement Have a wondering day!
  5. stanley_whitegates

    Hello Everyone, I'm New Here!


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