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  1. Gandalf64's post in updating database was marked as the answer   
    Another way to go about doing this is when you display the record(s). For example on my website I have a CMS for my web page(s) and I do this ->
    if (isset($_SESSION['user']) && ($_SESSION['user']->security_level === 'sysop' || $_SESSION['user']->id === $this->row->user_id)) { echo '<div class="system">' . "\n"; echo '<a class="edit" href="edit/' . urlencode($this->row->id) . '">Edit</a>' . "\n"; echo '<a class="delete" href="delete_page.php?id=' . urlencode($this->row->id) . '">Delete</a>' . "\n"; echo "</div>\n"; } then on top of my edit page (edit.php) I have the following
    <?php require_once '../private/initialize.php'; use Library\CMS\CMS; protected_page(); $cms = new CMS(); if (isset($_GET['id']) && filter_var($_GET['id'], FILTER_VALIDATE_INT)) { $id = filter_var($_GET['id']); $result = $cms->readId($id); } elseif (isset($_GET['id'])) { header("Location: members_page.php"); exit(); } like I said this is just one way of doing it. 
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