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    how to install enigmail-1.9.1-sm+tb.xpi in tbird 38.7,1

    To install Enigmail on Thunderbird, use right click "Save Link as " to save the extension locally. Then navigate to the Thunderbird menu Tools > Addons and click on the small Tools button in the upper right corner and then on Install Add-on From File Regards, Christian
  2. ChristianC123

    HTML Alt img

    [[ split from HTML Alt img --requinix ]] When i seen this question ,can we use alternative image for an image.means if actual image not load due to slow connection or any other issue,is there any chance to load alternative image with less size. Regards, Christian
  3. ChristianC123

    Hello Everyone

    Hello Guys, I am Christian. I am new in PHP . Want to learn more about PHP. Advance thanks to all Regards, Christian

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