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  1. A lightweight, straight forward dependency injection container that simply works, and works well. https://github.com/apexpl/container/
  2. Canadian citizen, 19 years high paced and professional experience within online software, and with me your imagination is the only limit. For an idea of capabilities, creator of Apex at https://apexpl.io/, an open source software platform. Also highly proficient with the bitcoin protocol and own https://envrin.com/ if you need any bitcoin / crypto-currency related operations developed. Resume can be found at: https://apexpl.io/Resume_Matt_Dizak.pdf Can handle jobs of any size, simple $100 tasks, large scale systems that require multi-year contracts, dozens of online operations spr
  3. Just fyi... upgrades out, and a new minimalstic site with new demo installation video now online. Please check it out at: https://apex-platform.org/ Any feedback, perspective, suggestions, questions, or anything else, please let me know. Would love to hear from you.
  4. After 2 years of hard work and retraining, backed by 19 years of experience, Apex Software Platform is finally done. Open source PHP software platform, and designed to be a modern day and professional replacement to Wordpress. Would love some feedback on it, and please check it out, and do an install if wanted at: https://apex-platform.org/ You can view a demo admin panel at: https://demo.apex-platform.org/admin/ Demo installation video to see how quick and easy it is at: https://youtu.be/owfK4HiLQGQ Intro video at (sorry for snpping fingers, future vids will
  5. Another way is to simply: ALTER TABLE table_name SET AUTO_INCREMENT=0; Hope that helps.
  6. Welcome to the forum, hope you find it useful, and learn lots.
  7. Ohhh, I figured it out. I was indenting the @param lines by 4 spaces, so it was picking them up as a multi-line tag. New lines only get 1 spce indentation, no more, got it!
  8. I have to be doing something wrong here, but so far Googling hasn't helped. Take a look here: https://demo.envrin.com/api/classes/apex.app.msg.emailer.html#method_send The doc-block is correct, or at least as far as I can tell it is, character-by-character. I'm blind though, but have tried different combinations of things like "String" instead of "string" or "@Param" instead of "@param". Made sure the ends of the @param lines ende din a period, and that seemed to help a little. Nonetheless, why does it keep adding the namespace to everything in front of "
  9. Still struggling here a bit. I can't seem to get the simplicity of static methods with dependency injection, but I know within the modern software world static methods are a crime against humanity. I really enjoy the power of dependency injection, and definitely want to keep that. I like the ability of easily swapping out classes for different ones just by modifying a small PHP configuration file, and as long as both classes implement the same interface, everything still continues to work like a charm. For example, if you want to use a different log handler or http client than the defa
  10. I need to get this right, and am a little confused. Been using the popular http://php-di.org/ package for dependency injection, and although I fully understand the concept, I'm quite obviously missing something when it comes to implementation. Many of you know a project I've been working on: https://github.com/envrin/apex/ You guys tore my head off for not using DI, and using too many static methods. Ok, so I've basically got DI implemented now, but it's not really adding up for me The concept of DI is excellent, and I do understand it. My main issue is basically, if you use
  11. Could use some help with dependency injection, as I can't seem to find the answer anywhere. Ok, take a quick PHP class: <?php namespace myapp; use myapp\template; use myapp\order; class user { private $template; public function __construct(template $template) { $this->template = $template; } public function add_order(order $order) { // do something with $order here } } I'm using the php-di package from http://php-di.org/ right now, but open to changing. My question is, how do I call that
  12. Hi everyone, Been working on this for quite a while, and although still quite a ways from completion, it's done enough to begin getting initial feedback. If anyone of you have a spare few minutes, please take a look at: http://apex.envrin.com/ And quick start guide at: http://apex.envrin.com/quick_start Github: https://github.com/envrin/apex/ Would love any initial feedback. I would imagine it will get blasted as amateurish, which is fine with me, as I need it for myself anyway. Hopefully it's able to help some folks out there as well thoug
  13. Ok, now those are some pretty damning reviews. Alrighty then. First up, on second thought, totally agree with you guys on the tutorials. Good overall concept I think, but horrible format and for now a total waste of time. I still think it's a good premise though, and will rewrite them from scratch later, but on more of a component-by-component basis instead of in a timeline format, which is obviously unhelpful. No, I'm not totally adverse to using 3rd party. For example, Bootstrap, jQuery, jQuery Validator, I have a SQL parser library in there for large SQL chunks (ie. package installat
  14. Thanks for the feedback, and much appreciated. Let's see if I can answer everything. Yes, you're correct, too much for beginners, and advanced users aren't going to waste their time with it. I guess it's geared more towards the intermediate -- the guy who is done all the beginner stuff, and is that "ok, now what? how do I get better? what should I develop?" phase, or simply wants to hone their skills when it comes to structure, cleanliness, efficiency, security, writing a proper database schema, etc. Maybe I'm wrong, and the pool of developers is too small compared to the time investm
  15. Hi everyone, Hope this doesn't get flagged as spam, because by no means my intention, and looking for honest feedback. I'm currently developing the third iteration of my PHP framework, which I started back in 2006, now coined Apex Framework. While doing the development, I decided to put together a series of tutorials, taking other developers through the development process step-by-step, to give them a good understanding of exactly how to develop their own high-quality PHP framework. These tutorials are quite a bit more in-depth than your typical MVC tutorials, as the framework includ
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