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  1. Yeah, it the master taskmaster who feels he has a better more fulfilling life than us peons. The company grew by 125 stores since the beginning of the year and they found out their POS, is a POS... So now we get to rebuild 15,000 products into a custom built POS done by 5 year old's who think they know more about coding then Linus Torvalds. Then when someone from my team points something out to them, they say it our problem... Yeah, it is the same ole same ole crap... Anyways... Enough of that, I'm not bitter, they pay very well So back to my home life, this is something that I wanted to do for years, and I have designed a snippet program in Tk Python, so I could save and search all of my snippets. The reason they are so different in styles of functions is because I have been cutting and pasting them from the snippet app. I think if this becomes a collaborative thing this could become pretty cool.
  2. Hi Dalecosp, Yeah that is on the issue tracker list, which will be completed before the Aug 2018 release. As for the examples page, it hasn't been created yet, this is why it is asking for a log in. To see some examples, click on the Functions link, then click on the function name... Which since I have been putting in 10 hours per day @ 7 days per week, it has been taxing my ability to work on this. On the main page, if you click on the Title DIABLOS it will take you to the GitHub and you can see all of the updated code there. Also please note: This framework is about 12% complete
  3. OMG, I so missed that, sorry @Jacques1
  4. I guess I don't have the ability to PM or I am blind... wiki.jbrowns.com You can read the wiki and get links...
  5. @Ignace --- Well I had a huge post typed up, but the site crashed... If I decide to type something else up I'll post it here. Answer your Open Source, look at the plugin's section you can add 3rd party open source scripts in a matter of minutes without changing any core files.... Also this isn't designed for end users... This is designed to assist programmers build end user stuff. At this time, this doesn't need Docker, Composer, or any dependency manager or installer since there is not much there.. Keep in mind that this is still in it's infancy, I haven't had time to slap it around, scream and yell at it, put it down and have it grow up to hate me. (Maybe this is why I am not a mother)... I am hoping for a Aug 2018 release date for version 1. I hope I have people like you to push ideas in that direction. @dalecosp --- Yes I am from Cincy and no I do not know ElizabethN... Maybe an intro sometime... I will PM a link. Please keep in mind this is in it very early stages... I am hoping to build a system that will be friendly to other programmers, give the ability to build 3rd party plugins easily and have quick usage functions at their fingertips. PM Sent...
  6. @Guru - I totally agree, although here is where the problem lies. If someone get in a car and doesn't put a seat belt, and plows into a telephone pole, do we blame the car manufacture? Part of a beginner's self training is to research and learn from examples. If they just grab the example and get hacked, they just leveled up and now know they better look further, (maybe this is why I am not a therapist). HAHA Anyways, if it is here, or not, doesn't affect my daily activities just thought it would be a great topic starter.
  7. From my experience: $ is user prompt # is root prompt
  8. Hello All, Since I am new here, I wanted to give a penny or two for my thoughts... I have always like IPBoard because of its out of the box features, although I think a great addition to this User Group is a snippet section. I have about 12,000 little snippets (many of them are really old now), but still in the thousands of really cool snippets that I would like to share and would love to see other people's ideas not only for my snippets, but theirs as well. Let me know if that would be a good idea... Thanks, Jessica
  9. Just throwing something out there to check... file permissions 644? file owner of con.php or this file? Just grabbing strings here...
  10. Hello All, My name is Jessica Brown, I have been programming in PHP since 1997 and HTML since the start of the web... I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and just sold my business to a hosting company back in November. I was working as a contractor for a company from Feb to June, although the contract ended and now I am sitting around playing with different snippets I have created over the past decade. I am currently working on a open source project called DIABLOS Framework, which I hope someday will be a huge success for many novice to advanced programmers. If you would like the address to the GitHub to see it, please PM me so I am not spamming the forum on my 1st post Anyways, my goal here is to meet other developers and become part of a community that will allow me to share my experience and as well as help me grow. I am sure I will get a lot of attention since there are far less female programmers then male, but don't count me out too fast, I have a trick or two up my sleeves. If anyone has any questions, please don't hesitate to reply!
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