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  1. You do have a lot of good points I wont argue that, but lets say on settings/configurations, and let say that updates/edits do not happen on visitor level, but only in rare occasions where updates are made by one user at a time for the most part. Lets also say that the files are added into some type of version control to be shared and backed up. In these scenarios a package like this could work. I use it on some of my projects, and hugely for caching components. Yes its wrong of me to say its a complete SQL alternative, and I would never say use this to store statistical data. This is somewhat
  2. Thanks for the feedback! I didn't want to make it a component for a subset of use. It was designed as a standalone package, specifically for use on projects that I was working on at the time. You make a good point about the need to learn something new, but isn't that the same with anything you want to code with? Also upgrading needs a whole rewrite is not true if you stay within the versioning, that goes the same with any package you use, upgrading across major versions might need a whole rewrite depending on the depth, but thats still no reason why you don't choose a package. That happens eve
  3. Thank you for the feedback! Yes I am aware of the double writes which can lose data, another reason that makes flat file more difficult. But there are solutions that can be implemented. There is also the fact of writing challenges due to locking, which yes SQL is why statistical/transactional is best for. First I do like to say, SQLlite sometimes isnt the best option because it puts all of your data within one large file, that in itself has problems and overwhelming limitations. The idea of flat files is so you can manually edit documents without an admin or some type of interface, (like
  4. https://github.com/tmarois/Filebase Looking for feedback, or issues/pull requests on github for a new package Ive released. It's also recognized on packagist for composer install, though it has no dependencies. It's a Flat File database, all designed in files and setup that allows you to manually edit and use version control on your database. I wrote a lot of documentation to make it easy to understand. I've got it up to 96% code coverage, but need some users to test it out and give some feedback. Designed the method APIs to be easy and intuitive, like a CRUD setup.
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