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  1. thank you! It was understood, I was just saying that I prefer the server side method (meaning the one you just told me) instead of using client side such as ajax. It was understood sir, thanks!
  2. Thank, the thing is I've done the whole front end which took weeks! It was all vanilla css, html and js.. I'll rather render views using server side than client side.
  3. Hello, I'm new on this forum and I got to the point of help! I'm sweating blood here! How can I render or "switch" my contents/views inside the same container in my index.php ? Meaning, every time I click on a link (href) I want it to render inside a container in my index. So if I click another link, the previous render will disappear and the new one will appear. Instead of including or requiring my header on every single page/view. I prefer my "href's" to render always in the same container in index. I've been using ajax with onclicks to kinda emulate it, seems ajax is not crawlable by SEO, plus even if manipulated.. I'll rather find the right way to render my contents on my index. Thanks a lot!

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