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  1. I am trying to upload multiple images to the server and at the same time insert the images info into a MySql database. I am trying to achieve this using PHP OOP, I tried many ways using the foreach loop, but did not get any luck with it, any ideas on how can I solve this issue. PHP images class code: <?php class Images extends Crud{ protected static $db_table = "images"; protected static $table_fields = array("id", "image_url", "property_id", "date"); public $id; public $image_url; public $property_id; public $date; public $filename; public $tmp_path; public $upload_d
  2. I had this issue in the past, I even hired an advanced PHP developer to solve it, and then it turned out that I was forgetting to implement it in the a tag.
  3. Thanks for the reply, I really appreciate it from you, pardon me please as I am not an advanced PHP user, especially when it comes to OOP and MVC, I have tried to do what you wrote me. but still having the same issue. I just want to know how to pass the variable which is id in the URL, without showing the "?" and "=" sign, I would really appreciate it if you help with this, as I have been trying for more than 3 days and couldn't achieve anything.
  4. I have followed a youtube playlist to build a simple MVC framework based on PHP, here is a link to the playlist I have followed. and here is an image of my application structure image I have connected the application to a MySql database, everything is working fine, but now I am trying to do friendly URLs. Currently, my URLs look like the following: mywebsite.com/public/home/property This is fine as this link is for a static page, but I want the same for dynamic URLs, for example: Current URL: mywebsite.com/public/home/property?id=10 to URL: mywebsite.com/public/home/property/id/10 I
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