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  1. Could somebody please help me these 2 questions, as I am having a hard time implementing this? I am building an event calender with php, javascript, html and css using the help of a tutorial. The calender highlights the current day as red. When a booking has been made, the day of which the booking is made, turns navy. Question 1 This was a success, when the insert form was attached to the calender page. But due to some bizarre working of the code, the form ends up becoming designed in the same manner as the calender. So for example, if the month row is coloured yellow and the day row is colored grey, then for some reason, the form with the first row becomes yellow and the second row becomes grey. Essentially, the form style is weirdly attached to the calender style. How can I stop this from happening? Question 2 The second query, is that in order to a avoid the above, I tried redirecting the user to the event form on a separate page. While the event was successfully added to the database, when I go back to the calender page, the booking date is not turned navy as before. I need the date to turn navy again as before and also display the booking details, as question 1 did successfully. As you can tell, I am really stuck here, and need some help (I would really love to implement the second question/scenario) but the first one is also fine for me. Please find the code below for each question. Thank you so much any help you can provide. (I posted this question on stackoverflow, where you can find the code. Please find the link below. Thank you again) https://stackoverflow.com/questions/46758993/event-calender-php
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