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  1. I googled it, there is talk on Wordpress.org forum about the 2018 WP theme and it will be released in 2018. Interestingly I was able to find yet another search which landed me on a site which says WordPress.org soon to release Twenty Eighteen theme. I am too eagerly waiting for the release.
  2. k2point0

    Six Months Weeks Training in PHP

    Does it take 6 weeks only to master PHP?
  3. k2point0

    Web Host List

    Hey I am using Knownhost, Digital Ocean, Cloudways, RoyalClouds since a long time. RoyalClouds is dead cheap
  4. k2point0

    Domain Registrars

    I have been using namecheap since a long time.
  5. k2point0

    Hello Everyone

    Hello, Hi, I am new here and I am getting started with PHP basics.

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