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  1. I am learning how to make a form and I dont know how to remove these marks. I attach picture and also code: https://gist.github.com/pawelwch/4fed1a17ecd472fe8f7f0c2faf685f5f
  2. I did restart the server after changes. I cant see error log because my screen shows white page. Maybe some one has file PHP.ini with good settings and would share it? Edit: Something is wrong because if I import files from tutorial(which I try follow) = works, but the question is how to make it to show my errors #help
  3. Hi. I am couting on your help because I already started with programming. Well I work with XAMPP and probably server doesnt read all errors. I gather it because before XAMPP has read some errors and now display "white page". I have read somewhere that I should change on server file - PHP.ini. Error reading has to be at "On" and I set it up but still doesnt shows any error, just blank page. What can be wrong guys?
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