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  1. I have following working code to compare 2 csv files - base.csv file to compare to master.csv file using function row_compare. For now I am echoing the master.csv file followed by echoing the match items. I need help to echo only the master.csv file in a table format and highlight the rows that match the base.csv files items. function row_compare($a, $b) { if ($a === $b) { return 0; } return (implode("",$a) < implode("",$b) ) ? -1 : 1; } $file1 = new SplFileObject("master.csv"); $file1->setFlags(SplFileObject::READ_CSV); $file2 = new SplFileObject("../../base.csv"); $file2->setFlags(SplFileObject::READ_CSV); foreach ($file1 as $row) { $csv_1[] = $row; } foreach ($file2 as $row) { $csv_2[] = $row; } $unique_to_csv1 = array_udiff($csv_1, $csv_2, 'row_compare'); $unique_to_csv2 = array_udiff($csv_2, $csv_1, 'row_compare'); $all_unique_rows = array_merge($unique_to_csv1,$unique_to_csv2); foreach($all_unique_rows as $unique_row) { foreach($unique_row as $element) { echo $element . " "; } echo '<br />'; }
  2. Thanx for reply. Tried it but gives error Warning: fputcsv() expects parameter 2 to be array, string given in /home1/mymobi/public_html/mybank/update.php on line 7 My Code <?php $file = fopen("purchases.csv", "w"); foreach ($_POST['purchases'] as $line) { fputcsv($file, $line); } fclose($file); ?>
  3. I am trying to write post variables to a csv file but it writes everything in one line separated by comma <?php $list= array($_POST['purchases']); $file = fopen("purchases.csv", "w"); foreach ($list as $line) { fputcsv($file, $line); } fclose($file); ?> Result in purchases.csv file Marilyn,Nancy,Johan,Carol,Juanic,Shirley But I want every string value on separated line Marilyn Nancy Johan Carol Juanic Shirley
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