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  1. @requinix I'm going to use as many tags as I need to. When I figure out a way to not have to use more than one I will eliminate one of the two. I didn't know inline event handlers were already outdated, I don't follow the corporation or industry standards. I guess I'll just figure it out. Thanks for the response though.
  2. I am trying to delete some videos. The videos are echo'd out individually with their own 'delete' input. The input value takes the id of the video, I didn't know of any other work around for that. I'd like to delete the video that corresponds with the button pressed, if that makes sense. Anyways, I would like to delete the video where the video id is equal to the video id of the input or the value of the input pressed. I am positive the way I am carrying this out is not correct, as I am thrown an 'index undefined error'. Here is the disgusting code at hand. Recommendations are a
  3. I ended up copying the function from a StackOverflow answer. I am not familiar with some of the operations used in this function, but I will make an attempt to re-write it.
  4. @gw1500se When you upload a video to YouTube it tells you 'uploaded x seconds ago' 'uploaded x minutes ago'. I am trying to implement that feature to display the elapsed time, since each file upload if that makes sense.
  5. I wrote a function that grabs the elapsed time of a recently uploaded video. However, the time does not seem to increment. For example, if I upload a video, the time will display as '1 second'. However, if I continuously refresh the page, the time does not increment or increase. Any way to fix this? I figured I'd have to put it in some kind of loop (I do call the function in another class). function getElapsedTime($time) { $time = time() - $time; // get time since video upload date $time = ($time < 1) ? 1 : $time; $tokens = array( 31536000 => 'year', 259200
  6. How would you sanitize input without changing or mangling it?
  7. Never sanitize input, correct? I had asked the folks over at #php@freenode about that and they suggested I not sanitize input data.
  8. How can I go about validating a form in PHP? I am trying to do so, but I am clueless as to how to structure it.
  9. Do I only have to use Dependency Injection and pass in the instance of the helper class when the function I want to call contains a parameter? I did something similar, but the other function did not contain a parameter. Yet, the call to the function without the parameter went through and the function with the parameter gives me an error. Just trying to make sense of this.
  10. I am having an error here with my code/script. I try and call sanitizeData($data) from functions.php class in createUser.php class. I end up with an expected 'new' T_NEW error. createUser.php file <?php require('dbcon/dbcon.php'); include('fileUpload.php'); include('functions.php'); class createUser { public $functionsClassInstance = new helperFunctions(); public $avatar; public $bio; public $video_count; public $c_status; public $usernameI; public $username; public $password; public $email; public $doc; public $last_logged_in;
  11. Yeah, it is loading the /etc/php.ini file.
  12. kicken, sqlite and odbc only show up for the enabled drivers. Well, I can take back my earlier claim of being sure that the extensions were enabled. I do have them installed to my knowledge when taking a look at /etc/php.ini, I see among the many extensions: mysql.so, mysqli.so, pdo.so, pdo_mysql.so, pdo_sqlite.so and pdo_odbc.so
  13. I chose this category as I thought my topic would best fit here. I am running 14.2 Slackware Linux with the latest version of PHP. In the error log, I receive the error: Uncaught PDOException: could not find driver in 'x file path'. I am positive that I have the required extensions and modules installed and enabled. Here is my code for the user.php class where I take the user information and add it to the database: <?php require('dbcon/dbcon.php'); class User { public $avatar; public $bio; public $video_count; public $c_status; public $username; public $pa
  14. Sarcastic and cynical. Mmmm...my favorite flavor! What is the difference between my canned messages and using an array to 'save' generated messages? I am the kind of person that needs things further simplified sometimes.
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