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  1. I have been creating a registration system, and my code will not insert the fields: "firstname", "lastname", "email", "username" into my database however it will insert the hashed password into my database. I think the problem might have something to do with the for loop, but to me it seems like it should work. <?php if (isset($_POST['submit'])){ require_once 'config.php'; $hashed_password = password_hash($_POST["password"], PASSWORD_DEFAULT); $fields = ['firstname', 'lastname', 'email', 'username']; $escaped_values = []; foreach($fields as $field){ $escaped_values[$field] = mysqli_real_escape_string($connect, $_POST['$field']); } $sql = "INSERT INTO users (firstname, lastname, email, username, password) VALUES ('{$escaped_values["firstname"]}', '{$escaped_values["lastname"]}', '{$escaped_values["email"]}', '{$escaped_values["username"]}', '$hashed_password')"; mysqli_query($connect, $sql); // send email $emailRecipient = $_POST["email"]; $subject = 'Welcome!'; $message_body = 'You have successfully created an account ' . $_POST["username"] . '! Welcome.'; mail($emailRecipient, $subject, $message_body); } ?>
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