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  1. z1084210

    Looking for help

    still looking for help
  2. z1084210

    Looking for help

    if you are a mod , sure please move that topic
  3. z1084210

    Looking for help

    If you are able to help me please pm me your contact details. I can start my TV for you. So we can check out the CSS ... it's not that hard. Just didn't find the address.
  4. z1084210

    Looking for help

  5. z1084210

    Looking for help

    Hello guys, I'm looking for help. It is "only" about things like moving logo via CSS/template - moving navigation - and a few graphics background edits. If someone has a Messenger like Skype Discord etc. he can send me via Private message the account. It won't take much time, because I just can't find the paths of the edits. But I'm able to edit myself everything. best Regards how is it looking at the moment: how I want it to edit:

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