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  1. still looking for help
  2. if you are a mod , sure please move that topic
  3. If you are able to help me please pm me your contact details. I can start my TV for you. So we can check out the CSS ... it's not that hard. Just didn't find the address.
  4. https://www.xup.in/dl,15333510/Spectrum_4_x_-_ipsfocus.xml/
  5. Hello guys, I'm looking for help. It is "only" about things like moving logo via CSS/template - moving navigation - and a few graphics background edits. If someone has a Messenger like Skype Discord etc. he can send me via Private message the account. It won't take much time, because I just can't find the paths of the edits. But I'm able to edit myself everything. best Regards how is it looking at the moment: how I want it to edit:
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